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Lozère Trail - Presentation

Welcome in Lozère...
We welcome you to an authentic place. Here nature has managed to claims its rights and imposes its beauty.
Despite being preserved, Lozere is not remote. Indeed it is located at 10mn from highway A75:

45 min from Millau's bridge.

1h40 from Montpellier

1h30 from Clermont-Ferrand

2h from Saint Etienne 

Chanac has developed at the foot of its dungeon from 11th century and offers an interesting touristic position. It is only 30 min from well-know Gorges du Tarn and 40 min from Aubrac plateau.

Moreover its location in the Lot Valley offers a pleasant climate.

accomodation and information: http://www.ot-chanac.fr/accueil.php


. All Right Reserve.